K-12 Curriculum Overview

Boise School District's own teachers and supervisors develop our district curriculum, aligning it with the Idaho Core Standards as well as finding resources to support it.

 Curriculum Department Supervisor Phone
Benjamin Simmonds  854-4155
Career Technical Education Dr. Irene Westrick 854-4121
Counseling Supervisor Tamra Vanegas  854-4165
Health Jon Ruzicka
Language Arts Dr. RT Duke  854-4137
Mathematics Shelly Wray  854-4138
Music Benjamin Simmonds  854-4155
Physical Education Jon Ruzicka  854-4128
Science Chris Taylor  854-4106
Social Studies Dani Backer  854-7110
World Languages Dani Backer  854-7110
 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  Dani Backer  854-7110
 GATE & TVMC  Helga Frankenstein  854-4101
Administrator of
Student Programs
Mark Jones  854-4133

Boise District Service Center
8169 W. Victory Rd.
Boise, ID 83706

Elementary students posing with backpacks

Secondary students studying on chromebooks