Lead Information Center

Lead Information Center

At Boise Public Schools, the health and safety of our students and staff members is always our top priority. As the water tests proceed, the District is taking the extra precaution of requiring custodians and staff at each of the 27 schools built prior to 1986 to follow EPA guidelines by running water at each of the school’s water fixtures each morning and afternoon to clear the lines. In addition, a number of sites will have water coolers with filtered water available. Furthermore, the District is currently replacing faucets and fixtures at a number of schools to address this matter.  

To ensure the water at our schools is within EPA guidelines, the school district has begun testing for lead content in water that comes from faucets, drinking fountains, and any other fixtures where the water is likely to be used for drinking or cooking.

With 27 school sites, lead testing will be ongoing for several weeks.  We are beginning with schools that were built prior to 1986. After that date, building codes restricted the use of lead pipes.

What Schools Are Being Tested?

Boise Public Schools is working with a consultant to conduct lead testing in the water of schools built prior to 1986, including: Adams, Boise, Borah, Capital,  Collister, Fairmont, Fort Boise, Garfield, Hawthorne, Highlands, Hillcrest, Hillside, Jefferson, Koelsch, Longfellow, Liberty, Madison, Maple Grove, Monroe, Mountain View, North, Owyhee, Pierce Park,Taft, Valley View, Washington, Whittier.

Testing Results

As of November 28, 2018, Boise School District has completed testing of the water at all 27 of our pre-1986 schools for lead.  This process involved identifying fixtures and fountains at each school that needed to be tested and taking water samples from each. Boise School District will continue to provide water service to the schools where drinking fountains and faucets are currently being replaced. Water test results are available for the 27 schools, which include: Adams, Boise, Borah, Capital, Collister, Fairmont, Fort Boise, Garfield, Hawthorne, Highlands, Hillcrest, Hillside, Jefferson, Koelsch, Liberty, Longfellow, Madison, Maple Grove, Monroe, Mountain View, North, Owyhee, Pierce Park, Taft, Valley View, Washington and Whittier.Update: 0

9/08/2020 Update:  Boise School District is reporting that all faucets in Boise School District schools have met acceptable lead levels for water quality.  Faucets that are not used for drinking water have been labeled as non potable, meaning water that is not of drinking quality, but may still be used for many other purposes.   The District will continue with its process of ongoing screening and testing of water quality throughout our schools and facilities.

What Numbers Should I Look at When I Read the Reports?

When reviewing the test results, you will want to look at the "Analysis Results" column. The EPA threshold is 0.015.

What Can I Expect to See if My Child’s School is Tested?

Samples will be taken as per EPA guidelines. The water sources include fixtures in the kitchen as well as water fountains and all other drinking sources on campus. Any fixtures where water samples show elevated levels of lead will be taken out of service until repairs have been completed.

What Are the Health Risks of Lead Exposure?

According to Central District Health, having yourself or child tested is not warranted unless your healthcare provider chooses to do so. For more information, please contact Central District Health at 208-327-8625 or your primary health care provider.

For more information, we recommend the following resources regarding the health effects, testing and reduction of lead levels:

Water Lead Levels: Health Risks in Perspective (Idaho Department of Health and Welfare)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA Flyer on Lead in Drinking Water 

Who Should I Contact with Questions About My School?

Your school principal will be able to help you with your questions.

Public Communications

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