Threat Assessment


Boise Independent School District is committed to creating and maintaining educational environments in which the emotional and physical safety of students, staff, parents, and others is a priority. Schools cannot ignore any threat of violence. When threatening behaviors occur, schools initiate a process called Threat Assessment. 

Each school has a threat assessment team that is multidisciplinary. The team will include an administrator, school psychologist, and school counselor; in certain situations, the team may be expanded to include a social worker, teacher, school nurse, and/or school resource officer (SRO). 

What is a Threat? 

A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. Threats may come in many forms, such as verbal, written, drawn, posted on the internet (social media), or made by gesture. 

If your child comes home and reports a perceived threat, please notify the school administration immediately or call 208-343-COPS. 

The Threat Assessment Process 

When schools learn of threatening behaviors, the administration will activate the Threat Assessment Process. Once this has been activated, interviews may be held with the student(s), the threat maker, parents, and staff to determine the level of risk and to develop an appropriate response to the incident. Based on the needed support identified through the process, a Safety Intervention Plan may be developed by the Threat Assessment Team and shared with the parents of the student who made the threats(s). 

To ensure the physical and emotional safety of everyone, it is important for all parties to engage in the process. The threat assessment process will take place to ensure a safe and caring learning environment for all. 

Should you have further questions about the threat assessment process, please contact your building principal.