Boise Schools Curriculum Night

Boise School District Curriculum Night

If you would like to learn more about Boise Schools' evolving, innovative, comprehensive curriculum, we encourage you to watch the video from our 2021 Curriculum Night.

The event was held live virtually through the District YouTube channel. In the video, you'll learn more about how our comprehensive curriculum, combined with extra-curricular activities, provides opportunities for students to express themselves, expand their minds, and become confident. This includes:
  • Multiple opportunities across all core curriculum (Math, Science, English, Social Studies)
  • Music education for ALL elementary students
  • 100+ STEM courses for junior and senior high students
  • Many athletic opportunities
  • 2 Spanish immersion programs
  • 17 technical programs offered at Dennis Technical Education Center

Parent & Student Resources
Curriculum Night Overview
Content Supervisor Contact Information
Course Descriptions - Grades 7 - 8
Course Descriptions - Grades 9 - 12

This brief look into Boise Schools features information from our curriculum experts, teachers and students. A portion of the presentation addresses frequently asked questions.

 2021 Curriculum Night Video