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12-3- College of Western Idaho (Every Tuesday)
12-5- University of Idaho
12-6- Women in Technical Careers Luncheon

Check the Borah High College & Career 
website for more information & resources.


12-3- US Army
12-4- National Guard
12-6- College of Western Idaho (every Friday)
12-10- Boise State University
           US Navy
12-12- University of Idaho
           US Marines

Check the Timberline High College & Career website for more information & resources.

Frank Church
12-2- Boise State University Campus Visit
12-3- US Navy (every Tuesday)
12-4- College of Western Idaho (Every Wednesday)
12-5- US Army (every Thursday)
12-12- Boise State University Advising Day

Check the Frank Church College & Career website for more information & resources.

12-2- US Navy (every Monday) 12-3- US Army (every Tuesday) 12-6- Idaho National Guard 12-9- College of Western Idaho 12-10- University of Idaho 12-11- US Air Force 12-12- Boise State University US Marines

Check the Capital High College & Career website for more information & resources.
12-4- University of Idaho
12-9- College of Western Idaho

Check the Boise High College & Career website
 for more information & resources.

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