Research, Grant and Proposal Review Procedure

Boise School District kindergarten students

Research, Grant, Curriculum and Program Proposal Review Process

  1. All proposals must be approved by the Boise School District’s Proposal Review Panel

II. Purpose of Panel

  1. The Proposal Review Committee has been established to screen potential research, grant, curriculum and program proposals to examine a proposal’s impact on the District’s Mission and Strategic Plan and to ensure:

  • Protection of staff and students

  • Protection of District resources

  • Privacy of staff and students

  • Minimal disruption of instruction

  • Benefit to the field of education

III. . Structure of Panel

  1. The panel is composed of representatives of the following groups:

  • District Administration:  Area Director and Student Programs Administrators:  Professional Development and Federal Programs

  • Elementary and Secondary Administration

  • Public Affairs Administration

  • Financial Administration

  • Content Supervisors (as needed)

B.  The panel will meet once a month throughout the school year September-June on the second Tuesday of the month or as needed.

IV.  Submission Process for Proposals

  1. Those submitting proposals must:

  • Review the procedures for the appropriate proposal (research, grant, curriculum or program), complete the form and secure or create all required accompanying documents.

  • Submit the completed proposal to Anne Moe.

  • Submit the proposal at least two weeks prior to the second Tuesday of the month to allow for adequate consideration.

   B. Decisions on proposals will be communicated via email to the proposal author within two days of the panel meeting at which the proposal was considered.

Research Proposal Form

Grant Proposal Form