Honor Group Opportunities

Honor Group Opportunities

Numerous opportunities are available for our music students who have high interest and above average abilities in their chosen music field. We sponsor and support honor groups that meet outside of the school day, performing challenging and advanced level music. These groups, organized and conducted by members of our outstanding Music Department faculty, fill a need for many of our students and enhance the music education program in our District.

All-City Intermediate Honor Band

  • The band consists of responsible, mature, and quality second and third-year players, who would like more challenge than they may get at school. The music will be challenging and will require talented and confident players, willing to commit to quality home practice.
  • Between 40-55 players, the size of the band is determined by proper instrumentation.
  • Auditions are usually held in October. Any second or third-year player is welcome to audition. By auditioning it is assumed that a student is making a commitment to attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances (even during soccer, track, and wrestling season), be prepared for rehearsals and behave like “Honor Band” members.
  • Students must be members of their school band program if it is offered in their school. Exceptions are considered for students who have irreconcilable schedule conflicts.
  • The Honor Band meets once a week, at South Junior High School, Thursdays from 4:30-5:45. Rehearsals begin in mid-November.
  • Please contact your school band teacher for more information.

All-City Elementary Honor Orchestra

  • This string orchestra provides approximately 90 elementary age musicians with above-average interest and acquired skill the opportunity to do more advanced work, affording them the opportunity of public performance and recognition as members of a select organization.
  • Students must be members of their school orchestra program if it is offered in their school. Exceptions are made for students who are too young to participate in their school program.
  • Students who are recommended for consideration to the Honor Orchestra by school orchestra teachers are auditioned in mid-October.
  • The Orchestra meets Monday afternoons from 4:15 - 5:15 p.m. for rehearsals at Capital High school.
  • Please contact your school orchestra teacher for further information.

All-City Elementary Honor Choir

  • The Boise All-City Elementary Honor Choir was created almost 50 years ago to give elementary age children the opportunity to participate in a challenging and enriching choral performing ensemble.
  • Honor Choir is a select group of children in grades 4 -6 who are chosen through an audition process and recommended for this choir by their elementary music specialist.
  • The season is from late September through the first week of May, with rehearsals on Mondays from 4:30 - 5:30 PM at Owyhee Harbor Elementary School.
  • Interested parents should contact their student's school music specialist.

Kiwanis Boys Choir

  • Boys are eligible for Kiwanis by recommendation of their school music teacher and completion of a short audition. Auditions are held during the last week of September and consist of pitch matching and singing a short song like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "America." The boys do not need to have a song prepared.
  • Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders are eligible for membership into the choir.
  • Boys are no longer eligible to sing with the group once their voice change is complete.
  • Currently, the choir meets at the Boise High Choir room on Tuesdays, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.
  • Interested boys should talk with their school music teachers.

Junior High Honor Orchestra

  • Junior High Honor Orchestra is open to all students living within the Boise School District in grades 6 through 9.
  • The orchestra provides an opportunity for advanced junior high instrumental music students to play in a full symphony orchestra and to be involved with literature more challenging than that which they play in their regular school orchestras.
  • The orchestra provides a unique opportunity for wind and percussion students to play with an orchestra, something not available at the school level for our band students.
  • Membership is achieved by audition only. Auditions are held the last week of November or the first week of December.
  • Students must participate in their school band or orchestra program.
  • Rehearsals are held weekly on Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30.
  • Please contact your school orchestra or band teacher for further information.

Opportunities for High School Students

  • Our high school music departments offer a variety of auditioned, advanced level music classes. These opportunities vary from school to school and include jazz bands and choirs, advanced choirs, and chamber orchestras.
  • The Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, sponsored by the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra, is open by audition to high school students from the entire valley. For more information contact the Philharmonic, 344-7849.
  • Music conferences and conventions offer one time opportunities for outstanding high school students to participate in high quality performances that bring together students from a wide geographic area. Some of those groups are:
    • Music Educators National Conference All-State Band, Orchestra and Choir
    • Music Educators National Conference All-Northwest Band, Orchestra and Choir
    • American Choral Directors Association convention.
2015 Boise Music Week School Night Honor Group Concert Finale