5000 Personnel

5000       Goals


5111       Background Checks

5113       Employment Contracts

5114       Certification

5115       Salary Schedule Placement

5116       Substitute Teachers

5117       District Vehicle Driver

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

5200       Code of Ethics of the Idaho Teaching Profession 

5200E     Code of Ethics of the Idaho Teaching Profession Exhibit

5201       Ground for Revocation of a Certificate

3211       Civil Rights Grievance

5210       Administrative Leave

2190       Freedom of Belief

3222       Distribution of Materials

2181       Academic Freedom

2113       Use of Curriculum

5225       Staff Involvement in Decision Making

5226       Employee Dress Code

Staff Conduct

5231       Employee or Public Use of Drugs or Alcohol

5232       Smoking and/or Tobacco Use on District Property

5233       Employee or Public Use of Weapons

5234       Disruptive Employee or Public Conduct

5235       Employee Technology Use

5236 Use of Cell Phones or Other Electronic Devices by District Employees

3231       Bullying, Hazing and Harassment

3232       Sexual Harassment

3237       Assault and/or Battery

3238       Abuse of Property

3242       Copying Materials

3270       Reasonable Physical Force

3330       Child Abuse

2513       Internet Filtering

2514       Request for Reconsideration of a Website

5250       Non-School Employment and Activities

2150       Tutoring

5252       Employee Conflict of Interest

5253       Staff Participation in Political Activities

4312       Political Campaigns

Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare

3310       Safe and Secure Learning/ Work Environment

3313       Security Imaging System

3313P     Security Imaging System Procedure

3420       Student Nutrition and Physical Activity

3431       Communicable Diseases

Compensation and Benefits

5410       Approval of Salary Schedules

5411       Overtime Compensation

5411P     Overtime Compensation Procedure

5412       Trip Reimbursement

5413       Evaluations

5414 Payroll

Employment Practices

5510 Personnel Records

5511       Exchange Teachers

5520       Job Descriptions

5530       Staff Compliance Training

5540       Staff Complaints and Grievances

2131       Professional Development

2131E     Professional Development Exhibit

5560       Leave of Absence

5561       Family Medical Leave Act

5562       Americans with Disability Act

5570       Staff Gifts, Solicitations, and Fund Raising

5600       Professional Employee Negotiations