Wellness Program


Our vision for the Employee Wellness Program is to become the primary resource for Boise School District employees in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Virtual Peace Room - Resources for emotional well being
Actions Needed This Year- Opting-in to the Wellness Medical Plan 2021-22 
Schedule Your Biometric Health Screening - Screenings at a District location
Wellness Activities - Opportunities to earn Wellness Points
Wellness Overview - (slides)
Medsavvy - Compare prescription drug costs and effectiveness 
Covered Preventive Health Services - Screenings, vaccines, and medications covered at 100%.
Benefits and Wellness Medical Plan Information

Schedule of Wellness learning webinars

Wellness Campaigns by WellSteps 2020-21
Live Well - Nutrition Counseling and Personal Health Coaching
Nutrition and Wellness Workshops - Available to buildings by request
Saint Alphonsus Corporate Health Services - Helpful resources

Ask A NurseFree non-emergency COVID 19 and general health answers

Spine Wellness Enhanced Benefit

Biometric Screening Verification Form-Biometric screening and Take Charge points with own provider 
Exemption Form-Alternative if unreasonably difficult or medically inadvisable to complete activity options 
Personal Wellness Activity Verification From
 Verify personal wellness activities for REWARDS points 

Mini Steps Weight Management Program - Oct 28th - Dec 16th, 2020
Register today, space is limited!

Spine Wellness Information Videos - Wellness and injury prevention information
Regence Dispatch Health - Urgent care services at home

Regence Advice24 - Get free health advice 24/7
Regence Babywise - 24/7 access to a nurse line for expectant mothers
Due Date Plus for Regence - A new pregnancy app for members\
Employee Assistance Program- Spring Newsletter
Delta Dental- Assess your oral health, and review key information important to your dental health


For information on the Wellness Program and Services please contact
Isabel Kurita
District Wellness Coordinator 
(208) 854-4083