Instructor Spotlight

photo of Kendy Radasky

Kendy Radasky, MS, FNTP is certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapist with the
Nutritional Therapy Association.  She uses her knowledge of human physiology and
nutrient-dense foods, the wisdom of her own life and health journey, and a deep
compassion for shared experience to help her students and clients find balance and
heal from both chronic and acute illness.  Kendy's education in the fields of Ecology and
Permaculture, and her experience as a community college biology teacher give her a
unique perspective and skill set as a nutritionist. Her focus as an educator and clinician
is to convey the importance of interconnectedness of systems in the body, and of our
body to the greater social and ecological systems of which we are a part.  
Kendy loves to teach community-based nutrition classes – there is nothing more
exciting than helping someone turn on a new light of curiosity and motivation for
change.  One of her foundational messages is a blend of self-compassion and self-
empowerment: observe our patterns objectively, compare their results to our goals, and
experiment with recommended alternatives until we find a sustainable fit… and then
repeat (because life happens).

Kendy’s clinical focus includes diabetes and other metabolic imbalances, digestive
dysfunction, food sensitivities and allergies, autoimmune disease, fatigue and hormone

This FALL session, Kendy Radasky will be offering her 2 most popular classes:
SUGAR BLUES: FEEL BETTER WITH LESS SUGAR. We are excited for Kendy to help
us get healthy! Enroll early! These classes always fill up fast.