What do the assessments measure?

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for Grades 4, 8, 12
The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is often referred to as the "Nation’s Report Card". The Idaho State Board of Education included NAEP in the state testing program because it lets us see how students in our state perform compared to students in other states across the country. Students in grades 4,8, and 12 are randomly selected to participate and will be assessed in reading, math and science. Results are reported to and about the State. No results are reported to or about individual students or schools.

State Link to State Department of Education Assessment Office

  • Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) for Grades K-3
  • Idaho Alternate Assessment (IAA) for Qualifying Special Ed students
  • ISAT - Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) for Grades 3-10
  • Civics Test
  • Science EOC (Biology/Chemistry)

Boise School District

  • Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) for Grades 4-6
    The Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) test is an oral fluency reading assessment. Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the Boise School District are given a CBM test at least twice a year in the spring and fall. Students earn scores based on how many words they can read correctly from a passage of grade level text during three one- minute timed readings.
  • PMA (Primary Math Assessment) Grades K-2 Benchmark Math Assessment of these topics: Sequencing, Facts, Relational Thinking, Interpreting Context, Measurement and Spatial Reasoning.
  • STAR -Renaissance Learning Math/Reading Benchmark Assessments -Grades 3-10
  • District Writing for Grades 6
    The Boise School District administers its own sixth grade Writing Assessments. 
  • End of Course (EOC)
    End of Course (EOC) tests are District assessments given at the secondary level at the end of each semester as a common final. The EOC provides an assessment for students to demonstrate mastery of course content/State standards and are calculated as a portion of the student's semester grade.