Head Lice

Important Facts about Head Lice
  • Lice are insects about the size of a sesame seed.  They do not jump or fly.
  • Lice live for about a month. The adult females lay up to 10 eggs (nits) per day.  The nits hatch in 7-10 days, and the newborn lice (nymphs) are almost invisible.  In about a week, nymphs mature and start laying their own eggs.
  • The eggs are yellowish white, oval shaped and appear glued to the hair shaft.  The egg is actually wrapped around the shaft.
  • Symptoms are itching, red bite marks on scalp, and occasionally swollen head or neck glands.
  • They are highly contagious and are usually transmitted by head to head contact, or by contact with clothing, combs, or brushes, hats, helmets, costumes, earphones, pillows and stuffed animals.
  • There are thought to be more than 10 million cases in the U.S. every year.
  • Lice can infest anyone. In fact lice are known to prefer clean, healthy heads.
  • Lice are most common in 5-12 year olds because their play habits can lead to head to head contact, and sharing of clothing, combs and scrunchies.
Please consult with your school nurse for the most current procedures concerning lice/nit removal.