AVID school-wide strategies

There are many AVID strategies being used schoolwide. Some of these strategies include:

Critical Reading- Marking The Text, Pause To Connect, Writing In The Margins, Charting The Text

Focused Note-Taking- this refers to the 5 Phases of the Focused Note-taking Process. It includes: taking notes, processing the notes, connecting the thinking, summarizing and reflecting on the learning and applying the learning. The goal is to have students revisit their notes multiple times with a purpose and for students to create their own study tool.

Binder Organization- students carry one binder as a way to stay organized. Within the binder are tabs labeled by subject, an agenda/planner, pencil pouch with pencils, pens, highlighter, sharpener, etc. in it. All papers are kept within the binder, so students have their work with them at all times.

Interactive Notebooks- this is a notebook students use in classes such as English, math and science. One side of the notebook is for "input" and the other side is for "output." Students take notes within the notebook as well as paste handouts and foldables into the notebook. It is another organizational tool.