Full Day Kindergarten Registration

Full Day Kindergarten

Parents who wish to have their child participate in the additional half-day of kindergarten pay a fee to support the extra instruction. To increase access for our families at our Full Day Kindergarten Sites we are providing a sliding scale tuition structure (see below for more information).

Full Day Kindergarten Registration Checklist

 Follow the following steps to enroll your child online:

  1. Register your Kinder student online:  All students must first be registered through our general enrollment process.   
  2. Full Day Kindergarten Registration application: All students interested in a full day program must also complete a Full Day Kindergarten Registration application.
  3. Sliding Scale Application for Full Day Kindergarten is required for anyone interested in tuition assistance for full day kindergarten. Review income guidelines.  Qualifying for the sliding scale is based on federal poverty guidelines.
  4. Be sure you have the following forms either a)  uploaded to Infinite Campus (in Step 1) or  b) Gathered to submit to the school registrar at in-person registration:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization  Record
    • Proof  of Residency
  5. Final Step! Take your new Kindergarten Student on March 8th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to your assigned homeschool, to complete registration.
 *If you are planning to open enroll, you must complete registration (steps 1-4) at your homeschool, then submit the open enrollment form to the school of choice. If a spot becomes available, your registration will be transferred automatically upon acceptance. 

In Person Registration
If you would like to turn in registration forms directly to your school, you may download and print them from our Enrollment Forms Page. If you need any additional help, please contact your home school.

Full Day Kindergarten Participating Schools (If enrollment is sufficient)

 Adams Elementary  Liberty Elementary  Shadow Hills Elementary
 Amity Elementary  Longfellow  Elementary  Taft  Elementary
 Grace Jordan Elementary  Lowell  Elementary  Trail Wind  Elementary
 Hidden Springs Elementary  Maple Grove Lowell Elementary  Valley View Elementary
 Highlands Elementary   Mountain View Elementary  Washington Elementary
 Jefferson Elementary Pierce Park Elementary  White Pine Elementary
 Koelsch Elementary    Roosevelt Elementary  

Full Day Kindergarten sliding scale tuition $250 per month $150 per month if your family currently qualifies for Reduced Lunch Fee waived if your family currently qualifies for Free Lunch There is also a non-refundable $35.00 registration fee that will be collected at the time of acceptance into the program.
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